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The Season Wheel

A Seasonal Icon Challenge Community.

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The Season Wheel - A Seasonal Challenge Community.
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About us.
Welcome to theseasonwheel. This is a seasonal icon challenge community.
We'll have a challenge per season, all of them inspired by the current season,
that will run for about 6 weeks.
You'll have to enter 20 icons and you'll have to vote 3 icons per maker.

·This community is open for members so everyone can participate.
·You have to be a member to participate.
·The icons must be made specifically for every challenge.
·When posting, add three icons as examples and leave the link to the rest of them.
·Your entry must be tagged with the number of the round and your username.
Example: round: 01, maker: dixon
·The icons must fit the lj standards (under 40kb, 100x100px and either .png, .jpg or
.gif file format). Animations
are allowed.
·Sign ups will open a week before every equinox/solstice and you'll be able to sign up after
the challenge is posted.

·Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

Promote the community if you want.

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