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Round #02 || Winter Solstice.

Welcome winter! And welcome to the new round at theseasonwheel. I thought this would take me some more time but since I have to rest, I have plenty of time in my hands right now. Sorry for the lack of originality but I hope you find it fun either way :p.
Sign up post is here.

02. Close vs Far;
And just like the past round, there's three ways to play this game.
·Easy Mode:
You just have to use our current season, winter, to make an impact on your icons (ie. cold colors, minimalistic compositions, snow, pale coloring, whatever you think that fits the theme). And use th icons, movie posters, palettes and textures as inspiration as well. You also have to tell somewhere in the post what inspired your icon.
·Normal Mode:
You have to use winter as your main inspiration as well but you also have to make ten close  icons and ten far icons. But there's a trick. Close doesn't mean you can only make close cropped icons, but that you have to enhace the meaning of closeness. Physical closeness with a person, even if they're in a negative space, closeness with a personal item, a place, etc. And the same goes for far. You can mix and match but you have to end up with ten icons of each. Include in your post which are your far and your close icons. Let me know if you have some doubt.
·Hard Mode:
You have to use winter as your main inspiration, the close vs far theme and four subthemes (Sadness Is A Blessing, Here Comes the Sun, Blame it On The Wheatherman, You Better Make Me Better), and you'll nedd to make five icons with each subtheme.


afeastforme · hauntes · naginis · elifc · nottiem

nottiem · oviedo · scarred_loretta · theotherayn · zaryaaa


neatmonster · tilty · organza · fulminant · daynawashere

danseur_lion · boxed · absolutelybatty · organza · neatmonster


01. Sadness Is A Blessing.
For this theme, you have to make five emotional icons. Easy peasy.

absolutelybatty · neversleeps · crazy_cordy · partitioning · yoli_19

02. Here Comes The Sun.
The first day of winter is the darkest day, but it is a bit lighter everyday, so show me icons with strong use of light.

hyacinthos · jokermary · nottiem · orangelusik · starkwars

03. Blame It On The Wheatherman.
You need to show different wheather in your icons.

dashberlin · partitioning · scarred_loretta · sietepecados · xafirah

04. You Better Make Me Better.
And last but not least, you need to make icons with techniques you want to improve next year. Ie. text, complex compositions, monotone, animation, blending, etc. Don't forget to mention the tecniques you choose.

hitsuga · longerthanwedo · harlequinss_s · poisonfield · partitioning

··Large Graphics··

calikalie · velificantes

jongritte · thorzilla

Sam Spratt · niehauscosima

Winter_Lover_Land Willows_Winter
Hello_December Winter_Morning


12feethigh · blossombunny · cielogris · cookiestome · delorentoes

fuuurs x3 · gallicka · innocent_lexys

jim_panse · lemonrocket · likealight · lookslikerain · ohfrekle

pandavirus x2 · rebel · rowofstars · scoobyatemysnax

scoobyatemysnax · talipuu · tinebrella · vetica x2

chodingdino · wasirauhlpsds · evenstarss

evenstarss x3

evenstarss x2 · mintyramen

··Movie Posters··


White Winter Hymnal · Birdy.
Winter · Daughter.
A Hazy Shade of Winter · Simon & Garfunkel
Winterlong · Neil Young
Winter Winds · Mumford and Sons
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